• Every year,

    Impact² is organized with the support of Paris City Hall.

    Impact² is member of INCO,

    the first global consortium

    for a new economy,

    inclusive and sustainable.


    Impact² is the leading global event dedicated to social entrepreneurship and to the new economy combining wealth creation and/or positive social/environmental positive impact.

    The goal of Impact² is to generate economically innovative solutions to meet the social challenges of our times.

    Organized by INCO Impact² takes place each year at Paris City Hall


    in which influential business leaders, and policy-makers, financial institutions and entrepreneurs from over 50 countries participate as speakers. The City of Paris and INCO invite the most brilliant minds across the world to discuss the building of a new economy, an economy that is wished to be fairer and more equal and that adequately responds to the social, societal and environmental challenges of our modern world.

    Each year, Impact² provides dozens of impact-driven entreprises and startups with the opportunity to feature their innovative projects to partners and investors so they can turn their ideas into actions. Impact² is a fantastic opportunity for media partners to highlight these innovative collaborations that disrupt our world.



    After the 4th edition, the French newspaper Le Monde even referred to it as the “Davos of social entrepreneurship”.