• IMPACT ² 2016

    On April 7, 2016, the 5th edition of IMPACT² took place at Paris City Hall. More than 1500 business leaders, policymakers, financial institutions and entrepreneurs promoted Entrepreneurship and the new economy worldwide.




    Exploring the endless potential of impact-driven technologies such as commercial drones that generate high social and environmental impact. Featured 2016 speakers included Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot; Bertrand Piccard, Founder of Solar Impulse, etc

    Ubiquitous in our daily life, media and the stories they tell have a major impact on the way we understand our world and today's social and environmental challenges.

    Featured 2016 speakers included Mathieu Gallet, CEO of Radio France; Gisele Agnes, ELLE South Africa, etc.


    Our world abounds with inspiring examples of women empowered by entrepreneurship. These women leaders lead the social and environmental change in their countries. To support them, Impact² and ELLE have created the Impact ELLE Award for Women to highlight successful women leaders. 

    Featured 2016 speakers included Caroline de Maigret, model and Award ambassador; Miren Bengoa, CEO of Chanel Foundation CEO, etc.


    French entrepreneurs leveraging economic efficiency for the greater good have been awarded the #MadeinFrance social Prize.

    Featured 2016 speakers include Martine Pinville (Minister); Jacky Lintignat (KPMG); Nicolas Schimel (Aviva); Bauke Bouwers (Unilever), etc.


  • Our Speakers

    Gisele AYMES

    Chief Editor, Elle South Africa

    Director, Isiko Media


    Chief Executive, Opinion Way

    Miren BENGOA

    Director, Chanel Foundation

    Constance BENQUE

    CEO, Elle, France & International
    Présidente, Lagardère Publicite

    Oliver EVANS

    Director, Matternet

    Mathieu GALLET

    CEO, Radio France

    Nicolas HAZARD

    Chairman, Le Comptoir de l'Innovation and President, Calso Inc.

    Anne HIDALGO

    Mayor of Paris


    Chief Executive Officer KPMG, S.A.
    Chairman of Corporate Foundation, KPMG France

    Caroline de MAIGRET


    Sponsor of the ELLE Impact² Award

    Guillaume de MENTHON

    Chairman, TELFRANCE Group

    Giovanna MELANDRI

    Chairman, Human Foundation

    Cédric MIGNON

    Development Director, Caisse d’Epargne

    Bertrand PICCARD

    Chairman, Solar Impulse

    Martine PINVILLE

    Secretary of State in charge of Trade, Crafts, Consumption and of the Social Solidarity Economy

    Bauke ROUWERS

    Chairman, Unilever

    Roman SEBEKIN

    Founder, Plastica

    Henri SEYDOUX

    CEO, Parrot

    Philippe TAFFIN

    Director of Investments, Aviva France


    Founder, Delft Aerial Robotics

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