• Selection Criteria

    ⁂ Be a woman entrepreneur

    ⁂ Be a founder or co-founder of a company incubated in one of the 9 countries listed above

    ⁂ Your business addresses a major environmental or social challenge

    ⁂ Your business has the potential to scale up and aims to be sustainable.

    Selection Process

    ⁂ Regional Selection Committees will take place between Nov 2017 and March 2018 in each of the countries listed above.

    ⁂ Semifinalists will win a 3-day trip to Paris. Travel expenses (round trip tickets and accommodation) will be fully taken care of.

    ⁂ Semifinalists will have the great opportunity to participate in the Grand Finale's Selection Committee chaired by Anne Hidalgo - Mayor of Paris then to pitch their startup during Impact² World Forum on March 29th 2018 in Paris City Hall.

    ⁂ The winner's name will be revealed on stage during Impact².


    Our global winner will receive:

    ⁂ An exclusive profile with our local media partner

    ⁂ Mentorship from members of our prestigious coaching with INCO

    ⁂ Access INCO Network, a global community of entrepreneurs and mentors accessible through INCO's online platform.


    Tinia Pina


    Re-Nuble converts waste into technologies in order to discover natural ways to make food more productive. In 2015, the company was launched online, and quickly became a brand that stands for traceability, equity, and sustainability in our food systems. By catering to soil and hydroponic growing, Re-Nuble supports a solution for greatly increasing the food production without overtaxing land, natural resources, or destroying wildlife habitat.


    Sara Cimmino


    International Napoli Network (INN) is a worker-run service cooperative founded in March 2015. The primary objective of INN is to integrate the local network of NGOs, associations, and social enterprises with an expanding international network of volunteers. Volunteers take part in outreach programs for different organizations: they can be teaching English or be involved in extracurricular activities in marginalized areas ; work with migrants or with people with disabilities for example. They can also be a part of environmental programs while helping different organizations in the promotion of the urban farming, the environmental rehabilitation, the monitoring of the protected marine area known as “Gaiola” and the environmental education.

    Javiera Gutierrez


    MUNANI was born at the end of 2014, with the mission of developing food products based on endemic algae, impacting positively communities of algae and harvesters and contributing to the sustainability of this resource. The company works in partnership with “algueros” to develop highly-nutritious algae-based products while improving communities’ quality of life through capacity building and empowerment, and ensuring the preservation and care of this precious resource.

    Sarah Da Silva Gomes


    Constant & Zoé designs and sells clothes to improve disabled people’s comfort in their everyday lives as well as to ease their caregivers’ assistance during the dressing up process as it often tends to be challenging. Constant & Zoé offers unisex clothing collections, with sizes ranging from 6 years old to Large.



    Sayaka Watanabe


    WELgee, combination of “Welcome" and "Refugee”, is an organization aiming at tackling the current situation whereby refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Japan are excluded. Its ambition is to create interpersonal connections between the Japanese and them, and therefore to encourage a mindset change in the Japanese society through homestay programs and monthly salons where they could meet and exchange ideas all together.


    Adi Zamir


    PINK OF VIEW™ is a web application that provides an initial risk assessment of breast cancer for women who are not BRCA gene carriers or women who have family history. They also receive a probability score reflecting the chance of getting ill. The application suggests an immediate course of action to be taken. PINK OF VIEW™ uniqueness is based on three main actions : continuous monitoring to calculate current risk, evaluation of the future risk based on worldwide data learning (AI & Big Data) and a comparative analysis of various data input against initial baseline.


    Marina Ross


    HYDROP is a technological startup, in which scientists and entrepreneurs work in symbiosis to deliver nano-cosmetics for clothes & footwear with the following characteristics: eco-friendly, effective, invisible, durable; promoting slow fashion and saving water. HYDROP fights against environmental pollution made by the textile industry and offers protection and immediate fix for most common clothing problems.


    Paloma Alma


    CYCLO Menstruacion Sostenible is the first range of feminine hygienic products focused on sustainable menstruations. It advocates for ecological products, free of chemicals, socially responsible and made in Spain so that women can live their menstruation in healthy ways. Products are hypoallergenic and the compress lines are made of 100% eco-friendly cotton. They have 5 different product lines in order to suit everyone's needs. CYCLO also proposes workshops on educational menstruation.


    Portia Morudi



    The Village Market Africa (TMA) is a Social Enterprise that was founded out of a need to address the global plight of dying bees and its effects on food security and improving the socio economic standards of people living in rural and remote villages especially women and disabled. TVMA uses a bees-for-development model, as it was found that rural villages serve as perfect hosts for bees, considering their low use of harmful chemicals, preserved natural habitat and vast arable land available. This combination creates an ideal environment for the bees to thrive. Therefore, after a needs analysis is done, community members are provided with training and the necessary inputs, then helped to establish a beekeeping initiative. Furthermore, TVMA creates a market for the community through a buy-back agreement. As a result the bees, humans and market mutually benefit.